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Our Vision




I started VeroMario in 2015 simply because I love to share my passion for desserts, cooking and food. 

I honed my culinary skills through self-instruction, through various classes and Masterclasses in Gastronomy and Baking, and through practical experience. 

The thing I love most about food is the that brings people together. Whether that means cooking for friends or family, teaching someone to cook, or that feeling when they try your food and appreciate your gift.

When you love what you do, you're happy just doing it. 

In VeroMario it’s where I most often display my creativity. 

For me cooking and serving great food to friends and family is a joyful expression of love.

Have you always dreamed of doing great looking and delicious desserts in the kitchen but never quite got there?

Please allow me to help! 

Whether you choose to have 1 on 1 lesson with me, or it’s a party for you and your friends, I can teach even the most tentative chef-in-training that cooking can be both fun and easy! 

Learn new tricks, great recipes and time-saving tips for meals that will have your family and friends in awe in no time.

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